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Accessories extend the functionality of workshop furniture.

Accessories  - common for Classic Line furniture include:

  • superstructures for workbenches
    • construction adapted to workbench dimensions (2-, 3-, 4-module workbenches)
    • superstructures consists from perforated panels screwed to workbench and perforated boards
    • cabinets and panels for containers can be hanged on the superstructure
    • we also offer wide range of hangers that can be hooked into the perforated boards

  • louvered superstructure
    • enable securing the tools when leaving the work station
    • superstructure equipment consist of perforated back allowing for hanging tools and louver with set of two keyes

  • shock absorbing lining for drawers
    • protection for stored tools
    • made of oil proof slick gum #2mm
    • possible to use in two kinds of drawers - 386mm i 807mm
  • dividers for drawers
  • holders for keys and tools

  • shelves
    • varnished plywood

  • power channels
    • professionaly prepared sets for usage in workshops, services etc.
    • safety and high quality of sockets



Accesories for lath


Propositions of configuration

  • lightning unit
    • economical solution if lamp is ordered separately from connection lath
    • fluorescent light 36W
    • total length of lamp 1200mm
    • length of structure is 1600mm (SS02) or 2050 (SS03)
    • switch mounted on a side lath
    • 3m power cord with a plug
  • locksmith vice
    • body and movable jaw made of high quality iron castings with guaranteed durability
    • removable jaw insoles hardened and polished, notched molet ensure secure fixation
    • jaw insoles having horizontal and vertical prism 
    • movable jaw makes mounitng of pipes and rods possible due to special jaw shape
    • screw is carefully protected from dirt

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