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Assembly stations

Assembly stations are modern and functional metal furniture ideal for workshops, factories, assembly halls. Assembly stations offered by PROMAG S.A. are also available in ESD version - powder coated in ESD paint - in contrast to the standard model, ESD version has metal shelf.

Basic technical parameters:

  • dimensions (W x H x D): 1365x2100x735 mm
  • standard equipment:
    • steel, robust, L shape construction
    • construction load capacity of 150 kg - laminated board countertop # 25 mm, grey colour
    • regulators allowing leveling

Assembly station are modern furniture, which can be tailored to the customers individual needs with accessories:

  • over the countertop:
    • lightning unit (lamp 36 W)
    • balancer rail
    • hooked shelf D- 250 mm, laminated board #25 mm, grey colour
    • hooked panel for workshop containers IIIA (for 7 containers)
    • 2 perforated boards (W x H) 780 x 460 mm i 445 x 460 mm
    • power channels witn 2 electric sockets 230 V, light switch
  • under the countertop:
  • drawer (H x Wx D) 173x386x450 mm, equipped with:
    • telescopic slides with load capacity of 40 kg
    • lock against falling out, cylindrical lock in Master system with set of 2 keys

Assembly stations in standard version are powder coated.

It is possible to manufacture assembly station in accordance to the Client's own concept, this way dimentions and assembly station equipment are adapted to clients individual needs.

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