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dopasuj rozmiar czcionki


Cabinets for containers and plates

Perfect for storage of small elements in containers or tools.


  • welded construction made of steel sheet
  • maximum load  capacity of cabinet body 500 kg
  • maximum load capacity of single door wing: 20 kg
  • at back can be mounted: rails for workshop containers IA, IIA,
    IIIA and IVA, perforated plates or adjustable shelf with load
    capacity 60 kg
  • at door wings can be mounted rails for workshop containers
    type IIIA and IVA and perforated plates
  • doors with concealed hinges
  • espagnolette lock of Master system
  • regulators which enable levelling
  • any configuration of rails, plates and shelves is possible
    provided that height of all elements does not exceed 1800 mm at
    back and 1600 mm at door
  • standard colour: light grey RAL 7035

Dimensions in [mm]:



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