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Classic Line workbenches

Classic Line workbenches are the highest standard metal furniture used in workshops, production halls and service points.

We offer workbenches in three size versions:

  • SS01 - 1115x890x745 mm - max. 2 modules,
  • SS02 - 1600x890x745 mm - max. 3 modules,
  • SS03 - 2050x890x745 mm - max. 4 modules.

Modular construction allow for creating multiple configurations which will fit every customer needs.

Solid steel construction provide load capacity of 1000 kg.


Classic Line workbench standard equipment includes:

  • lacquered plywood countertop # 36 mm with back strip
  • under the countertop modules A-J (to select from) and/or shelves
  • lower bar is moved to the back- allowing a mobile cabinet to fit under the table

Module drawers has been equipped with:

  • telescopic slides with load capacity of 40 kg
  • lock against falling out
  • central lock
  • cylindrical lock with Master system in  all drawers and doors

Available modules


We also offer accessories like:

  • different types of countertops
  • workbenches superstructures
  • lighting
  • handles for tools
  • lath with connectors
  • switches
  • drawer liners


Details about Classic Line workbenches

See selected workbenches models from Classic Line:

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