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Classic Line workshop cabinets

Classic Line workshop cabinets can be used in workshops, warehouses, service stations and others.

Classic cabinets are metal, modern, centrally locked workshop furniture - equipped with cylindrical lock in Master system and set of two keys (Master system allows for opening all locks from one series with one Master key, master key has to be ordered separately).

Basic technical parameters:

  • dimensions (W x H x D): 900x875x500 mm
  • construction load capacity: 200 kg, countertop load capacity: 100 kg

Standard equipment:

  • steel body
  • chiboard countertop # 18 mm covered with rubber, finished with border
  • under the countertop modules - selected from A-J
  • legs ended with levelers

 To extend drawers furnctionality, they have been equipped with:

  • telescopic slides with load capacity of 40 kg
  • lock preventing from falling out
  • central lock

Cabinets from all furniture from Classic Line are powder coated (before painting are processed number of times to achieve better parameters such as better mechanical and anti-corrosion cover.) in colours: body RAL 7024, drawers fronts and doors RAL 2003.


Classic line workshop cabinets parameters







To our Classic workshop cabinets you can buy many accessories, ex. superstructures, various countertop covers, locksmith vice, dividers and drawer linnings.

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