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Locker room furniture

Locker room furniture offered by PROMAG S.A. allow to furnish in aesthetic and functional way social rooms in factories, schools and sport facilities.

Modular design, interesting colors and a variety of accessories will furnish even the most unusual spaces. Our offer can meet the needs of the most demanding customers.


PROMAG S.A. Locker furniture have many advantages, like:

  • quality, PROMAG S.A. furniture were honoured with prestigious "The best in Poland" title and "Hipolit" prize in 2010.
  • stable structure of cabinets, enhancement of door and base
  • structure and materials are produced in accordance to norms and regulations
  • reach standard equipment
  • wide range of additional equipment
  • it's possible to order cabinet even after long time from purchase
  • additional security systems when necessary
  • standard locks in Master system
  • 2 years of warranty

The range of dressing rooms furniture not only includes metal lockers, but also chairs, tables and benches, which perfectly complement the offer.

Our products
has been awarded
with prestigious title
Najlepsze w Polsce
We were
honoured as
very dynamicly
company by
Forbes Magazine
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