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Polish manufacturer

Metal furniture offered by PROMAG S.A. are the result of many years of experience and manufacturing technology located in factory near Poznań. Used technologies allowed us to improve the quality of our products, their design and esthetics but also increased our production ability.

When designing metal furniture the leading goal for us is providing the most functionality and durability, with the principles of ergonomics and applicable standards and regulations.

Our products are distinguished by their high quality, reliability, design and rich colors. They are used in workshops, dressing rooms, assembly rooms, tool rooms, service centers, schools, canteens supermarkets, laboratories, archives, or wherever the documents, tools, equipment and clothes are stored.

We offer thousands of products.

Most of them are standard but our strength is fast execution of unusual orders, dedicated to the specific needs of our clients.

Attractiveness of the offer and crew professionalism has been appreciated by many of our customers. The confirmation of our position in the market are many product awards, including the prize for metal furniture "THE BEST IN POLAND".

In order to provide our customers with services at the European level, we operate in accordance with ISO 9001 quality system.

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