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Practical Line

Practical Line workshop furniture are modern metal furniture which are used in many workshops and factories. Design for places where stron solutions are necessary. Verified by thousand of customers, practical and durable, with modern structure solutions.


The modular design allow to customize the final product to every customer needs.

Practical line furniture include:

  • workbenches by stable structure provieds durability and many years of usage, capable drawers lets manage workspace practicaly and efficiently:
    • available in two sizes
    • solid structure of steel profiles
    • structure load capacity of 1000 kg
    • available STRONG workbenches with load capacity of 3000kg
    • wide accessories range
  • workshop trolleys are making transport of tools between workstations easy
    • structure load capacity of 200kg
    • countertop load capacity of 100kg
    • strong MDF board countertop covered with lining and finished with 4 brackets
    • modules A-J on the left and M-Z on the right available
    • 4 Blickle Ø75 mm wheels ( 2 fixed, 2 swivel incl. 1 with brake)
  • mobile cabinets  as a functional additional equipment of workshop
    • equiped with M-Z modules
    • 4 Blickle wheels Ø75 mm (swivel, 2 with brake)
    • laminated board countertop
  • service trolleys that are providing easy moves of tools between workstations and workers:
    • structure load capacity of 180kg
    • countertop covered with oilproof rifled gum, finished with 4 brackets
    • equipped with drawers
    • metal handle for easier moving of trolley
  • service cabinets necessary equipment of every wokshop and service point
    • welded structure of high quality steel plate
    • load capacity of a structure of cabinet core- 500 kg
    • every door secured with Master Key System
    • level regulator
  • STRONG workbenches irreplacable when heavy work is in progress
    • strenghtened steel profiles structure
    • structure load capacity of 3000kg
    • plywood covered with galvanized steel sheet
    • reach accessories range

wide range of accessories include:

  • superstructures for workbenches
  • superstructure shutters for workbenches
  • superstructures for cabinets and trolleys
  • holders
  • power channels
  • lighting units

Main features of Practical Line furniture


Practical Line furniture  are powder coated in RAL colours from the standard RAL palette.

Practical Line workshop furniture are powder coated in RAL colours from the standard RAL palette. More about the colours can be found in the Customer zone.

When making the purchase decision important role take warranty conditions, therefore all our Practical Line workshop furniture are covered by a 3 year warranty.

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