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SU 400 industrial safety lockers

Szafka SU400-03 - Szafka socjalnaOffered by us SU 400 industrial safety lockers are the ideal solution for social rooms, where necessary is to separate clean clothes from the dirty clothes and dressing room area is restricted.

Standard equipment includes:

  • reinforced doors opened in left/ right direction, equipped in cylidnrical lock in Master system (Master system allows for opening all locks from one series with one Master key, master key has to be ordered separately)
    • practical label frame on the door
    • ventilation holes
  • vertical partition dividing the space into two compartments
  • shelf
  • rod with two hooks for clothes
  • regulators allowing leveling

For order we produce lockers from zinc coated or acid resistant steel, which are perfect solution for rooms with high humidity and agresive enviroments.


Detailed information about SU 400 lockers

We also offer additional benches that are produced especially for SU 400 lockers.

SU 400 industrial safety lockers are available in one-, two- and three door versions.

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