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Accessories extend the functionality of workshop furniture. Future Line accessories include:

  • superstructures
    • allowing use of the space above the countertop
    • superstructure are screwed to the structure of the table
    • perforated plates riveted to the table construction
    • cabinet are welded to the construction, what increases their durability
    • superstructure cabinets equipped with perforated back, doors with gas telescopes
    • cylindrical locks in Master system with set of 2 keys

  • drawer liners
    • protection for tools and equipments stored i drawers
    • slick, oil-proof #2mm gum

  • handles for keys and other tools

  • power channels
    • professionally prepared sets for workshops and services jobs
    • high quality sockets ensure safety of use
    • possibility of self configuration or use of prepared sets

Dimensions of lath


Available accesories

 Proposed solutions

  • lighting
    • lenght of structure for PSS02 workbench- 1360 mm
    • lenght of structure for PSS03 workbench- 2000 mm
    • LED 18W light
    • swith mounted on the side
    • 3m cord
    • construction on a perforated strip screwed to the countertop to allow height adjustment
  • locksmith vice
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